Open the Portal to Your Personal Power and Purpose

Here's what you get:

4 Weekly live Zoom group coaching calls with Nina (March 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th.)

✦ Week 1 - Decode the messages, information, and signs all around you.

✦ Week 2 - Connect with your own energy to heal your body, health, emotions and spirit.

✦ Week 3 - Learn how to care for your Aura and protect yourself energetically (from harm, illness, or unwanted energy of others.)

✦ Week 4 - Master the tools you need to chart your path, make better decisions, and transform challenging people or situations.

*Receive recordings for all calls.

What others are saying:

“Learning the Clairs was an important first step for me. I realized that I was receiving intuitive insights!” ~ A.B.

“I never thought of myself as intuitive, but working with Nina has shown me that I do receive information.” ~ P.T.

“I was so curious about my intuition. Nina’s webinars opened the door to more understanding. Now I want to learn more.” ~ J.V.