7 Ways to Get Important Messages from Your Own Life Experiences

In this introduction to intuitive thinking I’ll teach you:
• How to tune in to the information that’s all around you that can help you.
• How to sharpen your intuition and how to trust the messages you receive.
• Tools to help you improve your decision making.

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    Nina Price

    Alchemist, Healer, Wellness Coach, Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist, Medical Intuitive

    Who am I?

    My mission is to put you in charge of your life - all aspects of it. Usually people come to see me when at least one part of their life isn’t working. It can be their physical body but it can also have a strong emotional component, or they can be wondering what’s next and not getting answers.

    I like to teach people like you how to take better care of themselves. Right now I’m feeling called to teach people how to connect with their intuition to get the guidance they need.

    Over the next year you’ll see me roll out a series of free workshops and paid classes to help you tune into the information that you are literally swimming in every day. As you do this you’ll discover that your intuitive abilities are growing significantly along with your understanding of where your life needs to go.